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(I am still living in Stony, and am still only 21, my hair is short, my teeth are straight, and my acne, CP, shunt, tube, and scars are all still long-gone!! There is still eternal world peace[on Earth])

Chapter 1 - A Friend's Advent

One warm summer evening, at sunset, while all alone at home, I was quietly sitting on the front step. I wore my black jeans and runners, and my plain dark blue t-shirt. I looked up at the blue sky, and choked back a sob. I knew that I was alone, and my family was gone!! I had still been living in this house for 9 years, and about a week ago, I had come home from a camping trip in Golden, B.C., to find the house empty of dad, Barb, and Brandon!! I couldn't find any specific reason why they had left, and found the bags still packed away, nothing missing from the house, and no signs of any violence, which were all both disturbing and more than a little bit frightening. I sat quietly, just thinking about my family.

I had mixed feelings of anger and fear inside, and my mind was racing, desperately looking for answers, but couldn't comprehend this enigma I had found myself in. I then began to sing 'Taking my life away', as tears trickled down my face with only a hint of sadness evident, but otherwise, my expression betrayed almost no emotion due to the fact that I had lived this way for so long. My thoughts reached back to the day that my life had been destroyed, and the song reflected the loneliness and pain I felt now, alongside my desire for my thoughts of grief and misery to fade.

I knew that memories of my family and friends were what really mattered now, and all I could hope for was that those memories would ease my pain, so I wouldn't have to think about everything being torn away from me, as I knew. Even though I let my thoughts wander, trying not to think of the emotional pain, all the same I knew there was nothing left. But even though Marc and his friends were gone forever, I couldn't ignore an ache inside as memories of what they had done to me stubbornly remained. And I also did not even feel my hand slowly reach into my pocket, on its own accord, and remove a Bowie knife!!!

I was so absorbed in my thoughts that I didn't notice a large blue-and-silver dragon was flying down toward the road running by the house, and I didn't realize it was Logan Draconis himself!! He landed, then slowly walked toward me, then his eyes widened as he recognized the song I sang. I was lost in my thoughts, but Logan somehow used his power to tap into my mind, as he heard my thoughts. First they were confused, but as he listened, he heard my voice screaming from far away, desperately calling for help!! Then he noticed the knife in my hands, as his eyes widened, but he knew I had lost control of my actions, and had involuntarily drawn the knife, without even thinking or deciding to!! Logan knew that something as dangerous as this, and without conscious thought, could have a horrible consequence!!

He continued listening to my thoughts. 'What do I have left? My family and friends are gone, so what reason do I have to live another day? Marc destroyed everything I held dear, so why should I go on living? What is the point of living a miserable existence like this?' I then raised the knife, slowly, ready to drive it into my heart.

'Charlie, don't!! Please, I'm begging you!' I heard the voice whispering desperately in my mind, then suddenly looked up to see a huge blue-and-silver dragon with a shaggy silver-gray mane, but I recognized him.

I let the knife fall from my hands, the blade driving itself down into the soft earth, then I let go. Logan hugged me, as I wept broken-heartedly, my tears falling into his soft silver mane. 'It doesn't have to be this way, Charlie!' Logan said gently. 'There're not many people who would understand what you're going through, but I assure you that I do, more than you'll ever know!! I know all about the person you are, Charlie, and I will always admire that!! So why not let life give you another chance, and let me show you what it truly is?' I swallowed hard, and calmed myself down.

'I hope that I can find something to get me out of this, Logan. Anything!!' I replied sadly. But he gently lifted my chin, as he smiled warmly, softly wiping away my tears.

'And that God will let me give you, once and for all!!'

He then looked up at me. 'Close your eyes, Charlie, just for a moment.' I did so, as he gently reached down, lifted my right hand in his while opening my fingers, then he raised his left hand, and slowly traced a gentle finger across my palm, just like what Seth asked of Maggie in 'City of Angels', when he inquired to her about the sensations of human touch. 'What do you see, Charlie, or what can you feel?' he asked. I lowered my head ever so slightly, then Logan felt the psychic static as I focused with my telepathy, almost exactly how Peter did when he read his mother Angela's mind in order to remember her, as in the Heroes episode 'Out of Time'. I had a split-second vision of 'The Final Eggshell', alongside flashes of memories, looking back upon my life, and heard faint echoes of Logan's voice repeating his words. The last vision I had before my memories faded away was of the battle that Tristan, his human alter ego, and I had fought against the woman in his nightmare, before I opened my eyes.

'I saw memories of everything you and I had helped each other accomplish, Logan, alongside memories of my past, and also glimpses of our future!!' he smiled, and nodded.

'A future that is ours to cherish, Charlie!' Suddenly I noticed his right hand was clenched in a fist. He smiled as he opened it, revealing Lucian's sterling silver medallion with the emerald gemstone on the silver chain, from the movie 'Underworld'!!

He smiled at my amazed look, as he put it around my neck, then hugged me again, as I smiled. I in turn gave him the Double Dragon pendant with the red ruby on the black cord, slipping it around his neck, before we walked out to the road, as he helped me climb on his back. We then looked back at my house, as I took in every detail. I knew that this would be the last time I would ever see my home, but it would stay in my memory for as long as I lived.

'It is time, Charlie! I have many things to show you!' Logan said warmly, turning to smile at me.

I smiled in return, as he softly wiped away my tears again. 'I'm ready, Logan!' I replied, as he nodded. He then slowly spread his huge wings, and took off, soaring steadily skyward, turning to fly eastward into the night. Logan was briefly silhouetted against the darkness by the light of the stars, as I turned for one last glimpse at my house, and then we were gone, never again to return.

As I travelled away from Stony Mountain, and from my old home, I came to the realization that Logan was my long-lost friend, and that he had given me the four greatest gifts of helping to remember him, our fateful reunion, the realization that even if my family was gone, I would never be alone now that Logan had found me, and ultimately, the inspiring realization that my friend was the key to a whole new beginning for me!!

He soon arrived in Michigan about five weeks later, and took me to his home. By now it was night, so we both went to his room, and went to bed. We both woke to a bright sunny morning, as I got up to have a warm shower. Logan later introduced me to his parents, whom I came to like very much in a short time, and they came to like me a lot as well. Logan and I became not only the best of friends in a very short time, but also true brothers!

Logan later learned about my interests, surprised to find mine were almost just like his! He also found I had the uncanny ability of precognitive dreaming, and also psychic static telepathy, which was what I had used when he had asked me about my visions. I explained to Logan how my dreams had connected me to him, and that I thought about him whenever I was lonely, or experiencing emotions like anger, sorrow, or fear. He replied that he had never known that I'd known about him, but he understood that, because of my loneliness and anger over losing my family, he had seemed at the time to be a source of inspiration.

This he said he was very glad to have been for me. He later learned of my inner dragon, finding he had several abilities such as vector telekinesis, psychic static telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, rapid cellular regeneration, advanced pyrokinesis that let him create and control high-temperature blue fire, and precognitive dreaming. These abilities I could use both consciously and unconsciously, depending on my preference. Logan found that I also had the uncanny ability of precognitive artistry. We went to his room, as I noticed a large square canvas exactly like the one Peter Petrelli painted on, positioned by Logan's window! I turned to him, and he smiled.

'I like to paint, Charlie, and that is what a few of my pictures are, as you can see!' Logan explained while gesturing to the framed artwork on his walls, as I smiled.

'I must say you are a talented artist, Logan!' I replied, as he smiled.

'Are you an artist too, Charlie?' I smiled, and nodded.

'I like to create art as a hobby, and sometimes just out of boredom!' He smiled, and helped me gather some art supplies.

'But there is something I want you to know, Logan!' I said, turning to look at him. 'Have you ever heard of precognition?' he looked confused.

'Isn't that the ability to see the future, Charlie?' I nodded.

'I found that I have that power, alongside all my others! I can paint the future!' Logan looked up at me in astonishment. 'Just watch this!' I replied, grinning slightly.

I then got up, and stood before the canvas. I looked at it intently for a second, before reaching out my right hand toward it, suddenly seeing red and gray flashes of an image appear on the canvas, from a distance, fading in and out like colored smoke across the surface, exactly how Peter perceived the image he was about to paint on the canvas in Caitlin's flat, but the flashes were vivid enough to form an image of a vast, endless desert! Although, at the present moment, I was the only one who could perceive the image due to my precognition, whereas Logan saw only a blank white canvas!! Then he saw me furrow my brow as I turned my head slightly, concentrating.

Suddenly he heard the faint psychic static as I telepathically tried to focus on the image that I was intent on painting. 'Charlie...?' Logan started, but then I blinked hard, as he gasped. My eyes were now suddenly opaque white, glowing eerily, just like Peter's eyes when he manifested this ability, as in the Heroes episode 'Fight or Flight'!! I then held out my right hand, as he saw the palette fly up off the table into my left hand, and the brush into my right!! I then walked toward the easel, and raised my wet brush, as Logan suddenly saw faint flashes of color appear on the canvas once more for a split-second, before fading!

I then began to paint. Logan tried distracting me slightly, but I couldn't hear his voice. He could only stare in disbelief as I continued painting, locked in the precognitive trance; my eyes an eerie, dead white haze!! About twenty minutes later, I stepped back from the new painting, squeezing my eyes shut, then opening them again a second later, but they were now normal!!

Logan walked up to take a good look at the canvas, and gasped! I had painted the desert with the fiery sky, like in the nightmare, but now I had painted what Logan recognized as the woman that his alter ego, Tristan, had been fighting to break free from, standing on the sand, wearing her clothes and holding out her bloodstained spear!!

'I know who she is, Logan!' I said with a solemn look.

'You do, Charlie?!' he asked in astonishment!

'She is Marc's sister! Her name is Elena de Manthaeus!!' I replied, as he gasped!

'Elena! So that was her name!' he replied in shock! 'She was the one who tormented Tristan in that Nightmare, Charlie, just like Marc did to you in yours!!' I nodded.

'Tristan's friend was there, helping him, just as Katherine was in my nightmare, helping me, even though I didn't realize it!' I said, staring at the painting thoughtfully. Logan looked up at me.

'But neither did he!' Logan replied, now staring at me in disbelief!!

'I would prefer it to be left at that, Logan, for even I do not know how this ability of mine came to be!' I replied, as he nodded. 'If I have one wish, Logan, it is to live a simple life.' He smiled, and nodded knowingly.

'But if this is the future you saw, Charlie, you do not have to stand against Elena on your own!' I smiled, before both Logan and I went to his parents, and told them of our mission.

They were both glad that we were making this choice, for they both knew that it would change both of us profoundly. Logan's mom advised him to be careful, and his father advised him to be strong, and that we would both make it through. His parents then warmly bade me good luck and farewell, telling me that as long as I trusted in both Jesus, and in my friendship with Logan, that I would succeed.

Logan knew that this would likely be my one and only meeting with them, and Logan also knew this would be the last time he would see his parents for a while, but they assured us that they would return. And he knew that their love for him, and his memories, would always be a source of strength if he felt alone or saddened. After we bade our final farewells, Logan then stepped back, and turned to me, as I raised my right hand, and Logan raised his left. 'No one should have to fight alone, Charlie!' Logan said with a smile, then, as soon as we grasped hands, the world around us faded in a split-second into the desert with the fiery sky, the cold, gray sand, and distant mountains, just like in Tristan's nightmare!!

We released our grip, then both turned to see Elena staring at us with cold malice!! It had been almost a decade since Tristan and I had fought a force of evil, which at the time had been Marc, but now, Elena was the second, and last, challenge!!

Chapter 2- The Fight for Freedom

She slowly raised her bloody spear, grinning menacingly, but both Logan and I stared at her evenly. 'This is the last battle, Elena, and I know we will win!!' I growled.

'I wouldn't count on it, Charlie!' she replied nastily. 'You killed my brother, and for that, you'll pay!' Suddenly she thrust her right hand toward us, as both Logan and I were thrown back violently by a telekinetic force, slamming into the sand, and sliding, only now, I was immune to the effects of anything harmful Elena conjured, as was Logan!!

I back flipped up onto my feet, then held my right hand out as the Mithrodin Sword suddenly materialized in my hand in bright flashes of white light and blue electricity, and Luciendar, the Sword of Light, materialized in Logan's!! Suddenly I ran at Elena, and leapt up as I spun, slashing her spear clean in half, before slicing into the side of her neck, then sending her flying with a fast spinning back kick!! She flew, fell, and slammed into the ground, coughing and gasping, but then stopped, and slowly got back up, before the wound suddenly healed, as we both stared in shock!

'Bringing me down wouldn't have been that easy, Charlie!!' she sneered, before charging at me, and trying to stab me, but at the last second, I suddenly thrust my right forearm up across my chest as there was a low humming, whirring sound, and a silvery-white shield of energy suddenly flashed across my forearm, blocking the spearhead!!

Then I thrust my arm out, opening my hand hard, as the spear was suddenly thrown backwards out of her grip, flipping high over her head, and careening back almost fifteen feet, driving itself down into the sand, before Logan suddenly ran from behind me, leaping up for a flying side kick, sending Elena staggering back, before I suddenly clenched my fists hard, as they glowed with bright amber energy, then I began slugging Elena repeatedly, and although my fists never connected, a bright amber pulse of telekinetic energy extended my reach, and transferred my physical strength into itself, so the energy far surpassed my normal human strength, exactly how Nick used his telekinesis to fight Victor in 'Push'!!

Elena was stunned more and more with each punch, then I delivered a fast jump front kick, which Elena never expected, as an even more powerful energy pulse blasted her back almost thirty feet!!

As she was falling, I manifested my teleportation, exactly like a Jumper, running, and leaping up, as I vanished, then reappeared about ten feet in the air above Elena!! Her face twisted in rage as she grabbed her spear, and tried to thrust it into me, but I knocked it aside with the tip of my blade, before driving my sword right into her chest, pinning her to the ground!! She tried to scream, but only a frightened gasp emerged!! I stood up, as Logan walked up to my side, and we stood, two eternal victors, over the body of our enemy!!

Her mouth remained open in a silent scream, and her eyes reflected sheer terror!! I grinned menacingly, then said in a venomous tone, 'You though you would win over us, Elena, and that you would torment Tristan for all eternity, but the tables have turned, forever!!' Suddenly I twisted the blade, wrenching it out of her, then grabbed her hand still holding the spear, and drove it into the wound, right through, feeling it pass through her, and sink deep into the sand, then dark red blood began seeping onto the sand from beneath her!! Logan and I then stepped back from her body, then both turned to walk away into the distance, headed west.

We headed across the flats, then suddenly noticed the sky was turning purplish-blue, with a faint orange-yellow glow on the horizon, signifying the oncoming sunrise!! About half a mile on, we came to a large sand hill, and cresting it, we were met by an endless ocean!! We smiled at each other, then I walked down to wash my sword in the water, as Logan washed his own. We dried and re-sheathed our swords, before I climbed onto Logan's back, as he spread his huge wings, and took off across the ocean, away from the desolate wasteland!!

Chapter 3- New Horizons

As we flew over the ocean, toward the horizon, I suddenly realized we were no longer within the Nightmare, and were now back in the real world!! I looked eastward, smiling at the very faint glow of the oncoming sunrise, before focusing on the horizon ahead.

'I have a wonderful surprise for you, Charlie!' Logan said warmly, as I smiled. 'I think you'll be very happy with it!!'

After about three hours, during which we'd flown almost twenty miles, I saw a massive mountain in the distance, looming high over the ocean. Logan flew steadily onward, then down through a winding valley toward the other side of the mountain, before heading upward from there. 'An incredible surprise awaits you at the top, Charlie!' I grinned.

'I'm ready to try anything new, Logan!' I replied. After about an hour's travel, an incredible new sight greeted my eyes as I looked upon the country of Isikveren, a lush, bowl-shaped valley about twenty miles in diameter, which now glowed brilliantly in the growing light of the rising sun!!

It was exactly to me what it had been to Logan, and I knew the adventure was just beginning!! Logan landed just inside the rim of the mountain country, as I dismounted him, then we began to walk side-by-side across the land. Other dragons, both of Eastern and medieval forms, regarded me curiously as Logan smiled.

According to the dragon's history, the Ancient One was believed to be the eldest dragon in existence, and He had seen everything since the beginning of time, with a precognitive power that far surpassed any other ever known, and the other dragons said that He had come to build a new world where dragons could live and thrive in peace, and they had, for almost three thousand years!! The Ancient One also possessed a natural healing power that was far stronger than any other healing ability ever known to exist in the mortal realm!! I wondered much about him, and imagined a great and vast voice and presence.

We soon arrived at the cave in the very center of the country, as Logan and I walked inside. However, these assumptions were unfounded, as I discovered the Ancient One to be a very kind and gentle elder. His overall form was of an eastern dragon, with gleaming silver scales; some faded to white with his age and time, but the change in his scales gave him a very noble appearance. He had kind blue eyes and a long beard as white as snow! 'Ah, I see you have a new friend with you, Logan!'

He smiled. 'Yes, indeed! This is Charlie Lucas!'

I kneeled before the Ancient One. 'It is a profound honor to meet you!' I said reverently, as he smiled kindly, then I rose.

He then gently shook my hand. 'And I am honored to meet you, Charlie!' he replied, smiling warmly. I sat opposite him on the cave floor, as Logan turned to leave, after he gave the Ancient One both the Mithrodin Sword and Luciendar, which were hung up for good, never to be used again, but would serve as reminders to all the dragons of Isikveren of the strength and courage that both Logan and I demonstrated in the final battle. 'I understand you have been going through troublesome times, Charlie!' I nodded.

'That I have!' I replied. 'Ten years of unending torment was more than I could ever hope to bear, and the burden of dealing with the loss of my family and all my friends only added to that, making it something that I felt was making my life unworthy.' I explained with a saddened look. The Ancient One nodded knowingly.

'That I can understand all too well, Charlie, because I had seen all that Marc was doing to you! I also saw you manifest your power of precognition when you painted the future of the fight against his sister Elena, but Logan never knew of that power, so I can understand why he was worried.' I nodded, not at all surprised.

'Logan aided me in the final battle, but there is nothing left for me! Because of Marc, and now because of Elena, the only life I had is gone forever!! Even though Logan helped me defeat them once and for all, they have both stolen everything from me, and now I am lost!' I then put my head down in my hands, desperately fighting back my tears.

The Ancient One rested a kind, gentle hand on my shoulder. He then gently lifted my chin, softly wiping away my tears, as he smiled kindly.

'But Logan has let you find us, Charlie!' he replied. 'Come, and live as one of us! I promise that you will find it an extraordinary gift; a better life than you could ever imagine, and that you were meant to have!! I know that you are very wise, Charlie, and you have known of us for quite some time! I also knew that both your heart, and your unfailing faith and trust in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, would guide you through something as dark as your fight against so profound an evil as Elena's or Marc's, and now that the last great battle of your life has ended, and you know that you have won, you will surely find a peaceful life here in Isikveren, forever!' He then reached down to gently rub my silver medallion in his fingers, rubbing his thumb over the gemstone. Then he looked up at me, and smiled.

'I have something very special for you, Charlie, and I feel that it is only fair to truly give you a new beginning, but only if you are willing!' I was silent for a moment, then looked up at the Ancient One.

'I am!' I replied sincerely, as he smiled.

He then got up, walked to the wall, and pushed on a section. I gasped as an invisible slab slowly sunk inward, revealing a dark space, from which he removed a large, beautiful black stone chest adorned with a magnificent dragon carving atop the lid!! Returning with it, he sat down again, opening the chest to reveal a magnificent gold bracelet that I instantly recognized as Lord Octesian's, from 'The Voyage of the Dawn Treader', which had transformed Eustace into a dragon!! I looked up at him in wonder, as he smiled warmly, and nodded knowingly. 'This is very special, Charlie,' the Ancient One said with a smile. 'and I know that it is the key to give you the new beginning you have always wanted! I knew that you always were a dragon in human form, Charlie, and this will set you free!!' I smiled, and nodded again, before he released the bracelet, which floated toward me as I held out my right arm. Suddenly the bracelet shot forward, and with a low thunk, it thrust itself onto my forearm, sliding into place, and locked with gentle pressure, becoming fully unmovable upon bonding to me!!

I then stood up, and stepped back, suddenly noticing the gold dragon atop the bracelet was shimmering!!

Suddenly, without warning, the light swiftly spread up my arm, then suddenly flashed all across my body as I lifted my arms; the light now almost exactly like the powerful mystic sand that fuelled the dagger in 'Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time'!! Looking down, I watched the light consume my human body! I closed my eyes as the light suddenly flashed in a brilliant white glow, and I floated slowly off the ground, as the Ancient One smiled.

My clothes suddenly seemed to 'burn', becoming brilliant golden dust and light that swirled off of my body, dissolving to nothing! I spread my arms wide open, opening my eyes, watching in wonder as I watched thick claws slowly slide from my fingertips, as brilliant reddish-brown metallic scales slowly began emerging from my skin, creeping down my arms!! I then felt my hair painlessly 'burn' away into the light, before two large white dragon horns slowly pushed up out of my head, then two smaller ones behind those, and an even smaller set behind them, exactly like Drake's horns, but strangely, the pain wasn't that bad!!

I then closed my eyes as my back muscles flexed, then the skin just below my shoulder blades split open with slivers of light, as two thin, fiery dragon wings slipped out, as I felt them strengthening and growing with the formation of new muscle, nerve, and bone, before spreading to their full span of almost 10 meters (30 feet); the golden power swirling along every curve and contour of my new wings, making them look like they were ablaze!!

I slowly began controlling them, slowly folding them around so I could feel the new wing-bones, the joint-claws, and the webbing, which felt slightly leathery, yet was soft and plaint!! Then I felt a strange heat slowly creep over my face, as the light flowed up over me to continue my transformation, as small scales formed, my teeth changing into draconic fangs, then I felt my nose and upper jaw partly fuse, before my face began to stretch outward into a muzzle!! I felt my skin seemingly flow off my body as brilliant gold light, to be replaced by diamond-hard dragon scales which were infused with more of the power, which sucked rapidly into them, strengthening them to immense diamantine hardness!

I felt my muscles changing as my feet and legs slowly transformed; my spine lengthening into a huge three-meter tail with a giant spade tip!! My toenails split with brilliant white slivers of light, to allow razor-sharp obsidian claws to emerge, before I squeezed my eyes shut, opening them a second later, only now they were much larger and glowing fiery amber, and my vision was now much sharper, and was now exactly like Eragon's colourful, vibrant thermal vision!!

I then arched my back as I felt my innards melting and reforming, yet there was no pain at all, nor did I panic!! I felt my teeth growing into sharp dragon fangs, and my tongue narrowing and forking!! Then I slowly turned around in midair, spreading my arms wide open, as my wings unfolded to their full 36-foot span!! Suddenly the light and power slowly dimmed, and faded away, as I gracefully floated back down to the ground, coming to rest softly on my side, my wings partially unfurled!! The Ancient One slowly rested a hand on my wings, before I suddenly felt a strong, comforting warmth flow through me, and the rhythmic beating of my new dragon's heart reached my ears!!

I slowly began moving again, opening my fiery amber eyes, and looking up at the Ancient One as he knelt beside me, then he helped me up, and smiled. Looking down at myself, I noticed I had become Drake from 'Dragonheart: A New Beginning'!! I looked down at the bracelet, smiling as the last of it's power flowed back into the golden dragon atop it, which slowly dimmed and returned to normal once more!! I reached up to run a scaly dragon hand over the gold dragon atop the bracelet, feeling the smooth gold beneath my fingertips, and smiled again.

Surprisingly, unlike Eustace, I found the dragon bracelet fit my arm like it was made to, and was so comfortable, that it seemed natural!! 'Logan and his friends can teach you basic hunting methods, Charlie, and most important, they and the others can help you learn to live forever as one of us! I do realize, however, that Eustace was only turned into a dragon due to his selfishness and greed. However, your change is triggered by the knowledge that not ALL dragons are bad. As a dragon, Charlie, I know that you are strong, kind, and gentle, with a noble heart and adamantly strong, true and wise ideals, just like Draco!!' I smiled, and nodded, holding out my hand.

'It has been a true honor to meet you!' He smiled, and shook my hand.

'No, the honor is mine, Charlie!' Then we hugged each other.

He then told me to kneel, as I did so, before he placed his hands gently on my shoulders. 'And now that you have become one of us, Charlie, I hereby bestow you with this gift, and also bestow upon you the true identity of Drake himself!!' he said warmly, referring to my gold bracelet, and also to whom I really was. I smiled, now understanding that the Ancient One had known all along about my true identity, and also that my human identity of Charlie Lucas had only been notable in my former human life.

I looked up at him as he smiled. 'That bracelet is a source of unimaginable power, Drake, and it can help you to unlock your true potential!!' Smiling, I thanked him, then removed my pendant, which I gave to him, as he smiled, accepting it gratefully. I then turned, and took off from the entrance.

As I flew out of the cave with a triumphant roar, the other dragons cheered thunderously!! I soared high; my scales shimmering in the light of the sunrise, and the gold bracelet upon my right arm shone brilliantly in the sunlight, then I looked down to see Logan flying up toward me, grinning, as I smiled!! Some of the other dragons flew up to join me, chatting with and congratulating me on my victory in the final fight. Suddenly Logan stopped upon hearing voices calling his name, then he turned to see two young Eastern dragons flying toward him. I smiled at the look on his face, as he flew toward them. 'Mom, Dad!!' He shouted. I and the other dragons all smiled as we witnessed the happy reunion of Logan and his parents. Logan was indeed surprised to learn that his parents had been living in Isikveren all this time, and had never told him, but he knew that the Ancient One had decided to reveal the truth to him at the right time.

The other dragons were glad to know that I had considered my meeting to have been a privileged one, and greeted me by my new name, as I smiled, knowing that the Ancient One had let them witness my complete transgression to an entirely new existence, and Logan and all the other dragons did their best to help me adapt to my new life. Later, I was resting on a hillside, watching the clouds drift through the sky, and also occasionally studying my dragon bracelet with great interest.

I found it quite fascinating to realize that I was now the possessor of one of the relics of the Seven Lords of Narnia, as I remembered from the third film, 'The Voyage of the Dawn Treader'. As I thought about this, I came to the odd conclusion that God Himself may have allowed the dragons to bestow upon me a relic of great power!! But I was wise to know that, like Ben Parker told his nephew Peter, 'With great power, comes great responsibility'. I knew that my heart was still pure, even if I WAS a dragon now, but that would define the KIND of dragon I myself chose to be, and I was satisfied to know that I could compare myself to Bowen's friend Draco from 'Dragonheart'; a truly wise, strong, and noble dragon!!

Later, I heard Logan call my name, and got up, turning to see him walking toward me alongside the Ancient One. 'I have a wonderful surprise for you, Drake!!' The Ancient One said with a warm smile. 'I recall how you told me that your family had gone Home to be with Jesus. But they have returned to be with you again! It was said in the Book of Revelation that God would, at the end of time, create a new Earth that would be just as wonderful as Heaven itself!' I looked confused.

'They have returned?' I asked the Ancient One.

'Indeed we have, Drake!' I spun to see three dragons, the largest one bearing remarkable resemblance to Draco from 'Dragonheart', the second, mid-sized dragon bearing striking resemblance to Eragon's dragon Saphira, and the third, and smallest dragon looked exactly like the one Eustace became in 'The Voyage of the Dawn Treader', although he was still slightly larger than me!!! 

I thought I recognized them for a split-second, and as I scanned their minds with my telepathy, I came across all my forgotten memories of them, just like how Peter used his telepathy to scan his mother Angela's mind to remember her, while in the 'outbreak future', as in the Heroes episode 'Out of Time'!!

Looking up, I could feel the diamond dragon tears falling from my eyes! 'Dad?' I looked up at the largest brown dragon, then at the smaller brown one, and finally the blue dragoness. 'Brandon? Barb?!' They all smiled at me, and nodded. I then looked down, reaching up to slowly lift one of my breast scales, as a brilliant golden-white glow shone out, and the strong, steady beat of my dragon heart filled the air (one beat, two rapid beats, then two more a bit slower, over and over in a rhythmic cycle)!! I looked up at dad, who smiled, and proceeded to show his own heart, his a brilliant fiery red, and his heartbeat was one, then three rapid beats, over and over, which was much stronger than my own!! I slowly pulled my scales down again, then raised my other hand, now in a fist; a brilliant golden light glowing from between my fingers!! Opening it, I gasped when I saw a large amber the size of a goose egg!! Dad smiled, and showed me a giant star ruby the size of an ostrich egg he held in his left hand!!

I looked up at them. 'How...!?' I started. 'I have let them come here to live, Drake!' I turned to see the Ancient One. 'I knew that you would always yearn to be with them again, and it was indeed right to give them the life that has always been theirs!'

I recollected this for a moment. 'So, you're saying that Isikveren is really...?!' I started, not daring to believe, as He smiled.

'Yes, it is, my son!' He replied. 'A very fitting name this is for our Home, for it truly is a place of Light, and I am He!'

Logan, my dad, Brandon, Barb, and also all the other dragons kneeled before Him. 'Welcome Home!' Jesus addressed my family and I warmly. 'May you all know that here in Heaven, joy and love are boundless, and My love for all of you is our greatest treasure!!' 'AMEN!!' Everyone shouted joyfully, before we all began singing and dancing, as we all sang the song 'Awaken the Dawn', by the band Delirious. And soon dad, Barb, Brandon, and I were reunited with the rest of our family, to live in peace forever, as was Logan with his parents. It was a true joy to finally be reunited with Grandpa, Auntie Janie, and all my other family members after so long a time.

Both Logan and the Ancient One, who was really our Lord, had helped me find the true destination of my life, which I would forever accept with open arms. I bade farewell to my former life, thanking the Lord for bringing me Home, and now, my entire family and I could live in peace and freedom, forever! I was happy, and lived with new friends, and with my family, in a new world, and for me, that was the greatest gift I had ever been given, and most importantly, I never, ever forgot Who had given it.

                    The End!

This one was inspired by Darren Grafius' story 'Metamorphosis', the TV show 'Heroes', the story 'Reconciliation' by GioSpy on dA, the dragon from the movie 'The Voyage of the Dawn Treader', Draco from 'Dragonheart', and also Drake from 'Dragonheart: A New Beginning'. I still consider this one of my favorites!!

'Isikveren' means "the valley of light."
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