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This rendition of Zaelgolin is simply stunning!! I love how the colours smoothly blend together in all areas, especially the orange and...

by cheslah

This, overall, is a masterful capture of one of nature's most stunning wonders! I have always loved the majesty of a sunset, and this i...

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Lycanthrope- Blood of Brotherhood
Five years. Both fighting, and running from such an evil as my greatest enemies was starting to take a toll on me. But I knew better than to give up...or to give in.
I could hear their crazed laughter as Marc and his friends chased after me. I turned, and plowed ahead; my legs pumping like pistons as my heart pounded, my muscles burned, and my veins pumped battery acid.
But I would not give up.
Arriving at the deserted highway, I headed across and went down the 321, not daring to look back, even though I no longer heard their voices. I had a feeling that they would pass by this way soon enough.
Travelling all the way to the end of the road, about 25 miles, over the next few days, I finally came upon the lonely road leading into the trees just as the sun was edging closer to the west. Judging by the freshness of the dirt, no one had been down this way for at least a few years. Hurrying down the path, I pushed my way through the tall corn, travelling about a mile, and soon coming upon a
:icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 3 5
Desires, Dreams, Reflection...Revelation
Nobody is perfect...but Him. Yet He endured the greatest scourge on earth so that we would live.
To have desires, dreams, revelations, and to reflect, is normal. It is human nature.
But have you ever had a dream so vivid, which brought you such happiness and peace while living in that moment, that you truly desired it to be real?
Everyone is unique. Some are “perfect”, without physical flaws or diseases, and some, like myself, have those flaws.
I am broken, and scarred. Many people may wish for the perfect house, family, material thing.
But I?
I wish to simply be normal. As in not bound in the unyielding chains of an incurable disability. Countless nights I have lain awake, dreaming of a normal existence.
When I was younger, kids at my grade school near-constantly tormented me because my disability made me “different”, in their eyes.
I feel as though back then, my ego was fragile, like a thin thread or an eggshell. All the teasing by other kids drove me to the p
:icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 1 7
The Dreamer's Affinity
It felt good to take a break from the hectic life at his Wisconsin college, and Isaac Myrum felt good coming to Canada for a vacation.
Humanity had co-existed somewhat peacefully with dragons, for the last 950 years. Although there were some tensions between the two races, their existence was mostly peaceful. Some of the humans had even managed to become close friends with some of the dragons, and vice versa. But only a few.
He decided to stay in Jasper for a bit to hone his snowboarding skills at the Mount Robson Inn, and he had a blast on the slopes.
Later, as he was kicking back in his rented condo after returning from the chalet, just 15 minutes up the road, Isaac went to have a shower. As he was coming out a few minutes later from drying and combing his hair, he noticed the teapot on the counter by the stove, and smiled.
Five minutes later, he was sipping some warm chamomile tea while kicking back on the couch by the west window; a nearly-complete woodcarving of a dragon on
:icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 2 0
Palm Orange by Drake-Starfire Palm Orange :icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 0 1 Weird drink by Drake-Starfire Weird drink :icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 2 10
Gryphonheart- Love and Freedom
I did not know what to make of the peculiar dream I had that night. Little did I know that this dream would be the beginning of something so extraordinary, I would never fully come to grasp the implications of it, and the life I would come to live afterwards would be unlike anything I had ever known!
My dream, in context, was surprisingly similar to the manner of Peter Petrelli's memories of his father Arthur, in the Heroes episode 'Eris Quod Sum', as in mine playing out by use of the psychic static from my telepathy.
I was climbing slowly up through a maze of rocky crags and icy cliffs on Mount Logan, Canada's highest mountain, while on a vacation in the Rockies. I did not mind the fact that I was all alone here, and strove to reach a suitable spot for a much-needed rest. I could never have known that something extraordinary was about to happen, starting with my discovery of a cave high up on the mountainside.
Discovered quite by accident, I didn't know what to make of it. I nev
:icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 1 1
A Dragon's Touch
Chapter 1 - Pain
I walked silently down the road toward the locked gate, beyond which was the only real home my family had ever known.
But I hadn’t come to enjoy time there. One reason was obvious the moment I passed the gate by ducking under the single rusted bar of steel with the broken lock.
Every single building was in dire disrepair: the barn was almost collapsing, the main house by the road was boarded up; the paint peeling from the weathered boards, the main water pump in the centre of the yard was broken down, and the beach house had collapsed.
It was as silent as death. Turning, I headed toward the barn, only to turn slightly to walk toward an old, heavily-weathered stone wall.
I still remembered the very day my grandparents had placed the headstone for my aunt in that wall; she’d been taken by that cruel cancer far too soon; now, headstones for my grandmother and grandfather had been placed into the wall beside hers, and in front of the wall itself, were fi
:icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 2 0
Gift...or Curse?
(this tale happens 280 years after ‘The Lost Dragonstone Mine’)
I had always enjoyed life in my true form...until he stole everything I’d ever known.
It began with the murder of my entire family while I’d been out exploring the world. They had all given me their well-wishes before seeing me off, now nearly five years to the day. That time had been both thrilling and saddening, but my excitement for the life awaiting me, quelled the pain.
However, five years later, I got wind of a news report that there had been a murder in my hometown.
I’d dismissed it at first, knowing that the town was notorious for such things...but the news flash that showed the victims moments after police had stormed the home, made my blood go cold.
It was my family.
Terrified, I had raced back to my hometown, only to now find my old home taped off...until something that the police had apparently missed, caught my eye in the grass just off the side of the road. Kneeling, I loo
:icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 3 0
Drake Starfire
Real name: Charlie Lucas
Nickname: Chuck
Hobbies: Browsing dA, writing stories, watching TV, walking, wood carving, astronomy, exploring
Favourite foods: seafood, pizza, chocolate, red velvet cake
Personality: Brave, trustworthy, kind, intelligent, funny.
Age (human): 30
Age (dragon): 200
Favourite TV shows: Heroes, Colin & Justin's Cabin Pressure, Paw patrol, Survivorman.
Favourite movies: Pete’s Dragon (2016), Chronicle, Tangled, School of Rock, Percy Jackson & Olympian’s The Lightning Thief, Dragonheart (these are just a few).
Favourite bands: Lamb of God, Metallica, REd, Pink Floyd (again, just a few).
Favourite books: Pete’s Dragon: The Lost Years, Call of the Wild, To the Edge and back: My Story from Organ Transplant Survivor to Olympic Snowboarder.
Primary abilities: Empathic mimicry, shapeshifting (human form & dragon form), heart-sharing, rapid cell regeneration, empathy.
Note: Drake's empathic mimicry is different from Peter's in that Drake ca
:icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 3 4
The Price of Valour
I was at rock-bottom.
Fighting my enemies had becoming so boring as to be frightful to consider, and the idea of becoming a mythical being, for whatever elusive reason, no longer appealed to me.
And living in Stony Mountain had long become just as tiresome.
I looked down at my hands, flexing them slowly. These very hands had harnessed powers beyond mortal comprehension, serving as extraordinary weapons against the five deadliest people that humanity had ever known.
I was glad to by now have long been freed of my disability and the ‘narrowed-down’ life it had forced me to live. By now it was an entire decade. I shook my head violently, forcing away any thoughts pertaining to my enemies.
I found it best to just ignore them.
I got up, and went for a walk. I’d always loved how silent the neighbourhood was on some winter days, and luckily, it was one day that was somewhat warm; the temperature hovering at a pleasant +3.
I forced all thoughts of Marc and his friends away, a
:icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 1 9
Cool carvings by Drake-Starfire Cool carvings :icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 1 0 I've got my eye on you! by Drake-Starfire I've got my eye on you! :icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 2 4 The Cottage Show - Swainson's hawk by Drake-Starfire The Cottage Show - Swainson's hawk :icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 2 0 Totally twisted tupperware by Drake-Starfire Totally twisted tupperware :icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 2 4
I ran down the road leading away from the school like the devil was on my heels; my heart pounding in my chest like a jackhammer.
“C’mon, Charlie!! Are you too scared to face me? Are you chicken?” Marc’s cackle rang in my ears, as did his friends’ laughter.
I only ran faster. “I’m done with you and your bastard friends, Marc!!” I shouted over my shoulder, picking up speed.
Glancing up at the sky, I noticed it was just past sunset, and happened to glimpse the rising stars of the constellation Draco, the Dragon, just above the northern horizon.
I only took a split-second glance, then looked ahead again, and put on a burst of speed.
My legs and lungs both burned, as my heart pounded.
The back lane leading home was closer now, but then...
Hearing a loud honk, I spun just in time to see a silver grill and headlights, but managed to catch a glimpse of the driver, a man clad in black, with long, greasy black hair, almost like Sirius Black from t
:icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 2 5
Ford Thunderbird by Drake-Starfire Ford Thunderbird :icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 0 0


Loki MASK by Nusse91 Loki MASK :iconnusse91:Nusse91 6 1 Fursuiting=Smiles! by FotoFurNL Fursuiting=Smiles! :iconfotofurnl:FotoFurNL 46 4 Bokeh Bird (Wallpaper) by FotoFurNL Bokeh Bird (Wallpaper) :iconfotofurnl:FotoFurNL 64 13 Piercing Eyes [Wallpaper] by FotoFurNL Piercing Eyes [Wallpaper] :iconfotofurnl:FotoFurNL 37 12 Furry Friends by FotoFurNL Furry Friends :iconfotofurnl:FotoFurNL 129 20 A Sunny Afternoon [wallpaper] by FotoFurNL A Sunny Afternoon [wallpaper] :iconfotofurnl:FotoFurNL 62 7 Happy Haloween! by FotoFurNL Happy Haloween! :iconfotofurnl:FotoFurNL 36 11 Guardian [Wallpaper] by FotoFurNL Guardian [Wallpaper] :iconfotofurnl:FotoFurNL 77 20 Fire Fighters by FotoFurNL Fire Fighters :iconfotofurnl:FotoFurNL 41 4 Rocket Raccoon [Wallpaper] by FotoFurNL Rocket Raccoon [Wallpaper] :iconfotofurnl:FotoFurNL 71 7 Playing with Fire by FotoFurNL Playing with Fire :iconfotofurnl:FotoFurNL 29 1 The Shoreline by JAStar4 The Shoreline :iconjastar4:JAStar4 54 5 Walk Under Me by JAStar4 Walk Under Me :iconjastar4:JAStar4 31 3 the realistic wolf quadsuit by RadyWolf the realistic wolf quadsuit :iconradywolf:RadyWolf 207 51 The Most Overdue Trade Ever by CanineHybrid The Most Overdue Trade Ever :iconcaninehybrid:CanineHybrid 172 31 Dutch Angel Dragons @ Furry Ski Weekend 2016 by CanineHybrid Dutch Angel Dragons @ Furry Ski Weekend 2016 :iconcaninehybrid:CanineHybrid 88 10


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Five years. Both fighting, and running from such an evil as my greatest enemies was starting to take a toll on me. But I knew better than to give up...or to give in.

I could hear their crazed laughter as Marc and his friends chased after me. I turned, and plowed ahead; my legs pumping like pistons as my heart pounded, my muscles burned, and my veins pumped battery acid.

But I would not give up.

Arriving at the deserted highway, I headed across and went down the 321, not daring to look back, even though I no longer heard their voices. I had a feeling that they would pass by this way soon enough.

Travelling all the way to the end of the road, about 25 miles, over the next few days, I finally came upon the lonely road leading into the trees just as the sun was edging closer to the west. Judging by the freshness of the dirt, no one had been down this way for at least a few years. Hurrying down the path, I pushed my way through the tall corn, travelling about a mile, and soon coming upon a large open expanse at least as big as the yard of my old farm in Riding Mountain!

An old-looking ranch style house stood on the lot, silent and dark. Suddenly hearing their voices shouting in the distance, I ran across, and went into the house.

It was immaculate, yet seemed abandoned. The back room, which I was now in, was like a sunroom, with a smooth oak floor, a small couch, and a table with two chairs across from it. Going through the door, I found myself in the kitchen. It was completely empty, but had a couple cupboards, a small cooler plugged into the wall by the door, a counter with a small sink, and a wall clock opposite the counter, beside a window.

Heading into the living room, all I found was a small couch beneath a large blinded bay window, a few empty shelves, and a small area rug for the oak floor.

Heading upstairs, I found a small bathroom with a sink-toilet combo, a shower, shelves for towels, and two empty bedrooms that had naught but small mattresses facing windows overlooking the countryside, with small wall-mounted lamps.

Exhausted, I flopped down on one of the mattresses, kicked off my runners, and was out almost instantly. A few hours later, however, I woke up to grab a bottled water from the fridge, noticing it was just after dusk.

Just after I’d taken a shot, I stopped, certain I’d heard something. I capped the bottle, set it on the counter, then turned and walked quietly back toward the bedroom. There was a sudden creaking noise from one corner of the back room, making me freeze. I held my breath, not daring to move, and when I heard nothing else, I took a careful step forward...

A low sound, like guttural breathing, made me stop dead again. I kept my breathing a shallow as possible to remain undetected, but my heart was pounding. I was afraid that whoever, or whatever, was in here with me would hear it.

The sudden, gentle scrape of claws made me close my eyes.

”(It is no longer human, it's a beast, unmerciful, ferocious, fearless
You're a madman
Tampering with nature
Every man's vicious and raw)
Carry me through this world of lies
I feel no more, the suffering
Bury me in this cold light
I feed the wolf, and shed my skin...”

The words to Breaking Benjamin’s ‘Feed the wolf’ flashed through my mind as I felt myself start to sweat.

A low growl made the hackles rise on the back of my neck, as I swallowed hard. The sudden feeling of something soft, warm, and leathery touching my back made my blood freeze!!

Tears involuntarily escaped my eyes even as they were shut. Then I felt the soft leathery thing move up my back to my right shoulder, before there was the sensation of a warm, wet nose in my ear!!

The beast softly growled as he sniffed me...but something about his growl told me he wasn’t angry or hungry. Instead, the werewolf (from how things were happening, I surmised he was a lycanthrope) seemed more curious than hostile.

I heard him step back, then very slowly turned to face him. I saw his hulking shadow standing there, about four feet from me, then he slowly stepped into the moonlight shining into the kitchen window, and the moment I saw his shorts and runners, my jaw just about hit the ground.

“W-will...?” I breathed. His ears perked up, as his tail started wagging.

I turned my head slightly, feeling the intense pulse of psychic static as I looked into his mind, exactly how Peter did to Nathan in the Heroes episode ‘I Am Become Death’.

The beastly instinct was gone. Will’s mind was clear. Smiling, I held out my hand. The werewolf cocked his head curiously, smiled, then grasped it.

The sudden creaking of the floorboards stopped us both, before a hand suddenly grabbed my shoulder, as a knife came to my throat!! Will snarled, but then the unmistakable cock of a 12-gauge made him stop dead!

“Well, well, isn’t this perfect?” came an unmistakable voice. Marc stepped out of the shadows behind Will, slowly raising the weapon and keeping it trained on him. I didn’t dare move, but managed to shift my eyes to look at Will. He gave the subtlest nod, as I closed my eyes again.

Marc told Judas to take away the blade, as I slowly kneeled while placing my hands behind my head; the words once again running through my mind.

Will and I exchanged glances once again, before Marc proceeded to unlock the rifle’s safety. What happened next was a blur.

With superhuman speed, Will spun to grab and crush the barrel of Marc’s gun like it was paper, before I myself spun, sweeping my foot out to trip Judas as he yelled, then I spun behind him, grabbed his jacket to slam him down onto the floor, before grabbing the front of the man’s throat...and tearing his Adam’s apple right out of his neck; a bloodcurdling gurgling scream burst from Judas as he collapsed like an empty sack!!!!

I spun to grip the butt of Marc’s gun as he swung it like a baseball bat, before kicking him in the stomach; the man gasping and hacking as he stumbled back, although he managed to grab a poker that had fallen to the floor sometime earlier, and jab me in the chest; a gurgling scream bursting from me as Will roared in terror, lunging to catch me just before I hit the floor!

The werewolf spun to slash Marc across the face, making the man shriek in agony as the momentum threw him into the wall!!
“W-will...p-please...!!” I choked through blood, reaching up to place a hand on his shoulder. He whined sadly, leaning down to nuzzle me just as I collapsed, and lay unmoving!!

The werewolf whimpered, before throwing back his head and unleashing a bloodcurdling howl of sorrow!!

After regaining his composure, my friend cast a vicious backward glance toward Marc, who was just starting to regain consciousness. Quickly, Will leaned down while gently pulling my head back to expose my neck, then bared his fangs and sank them into my throat!!

Suddenly a hand grabbed the werewolf by the shoulder, and threw him across the room to slam into the wall, but thankfully did not knock him out!! Will jerked up to see Marc had gotten up and had lifted me clear off the ground by the throat; his eyes full of hatred!!

Will whimpered in fear as he watched, but then, his sharpened eyes caught the sight of my eyes changing!

They slowly appeared to blacken, like Michael Corvin’s did in ‘Underworld’ whenever he turned into a hybrid!! Marc’s face twisted in rage as he threw me right through the cabin window; I sailed two metres through the air to slam into and smash a large oak branch, as I backflipped, and landed face-down in the water of Fever Swamp!!!

Marc then spun on Will, who slowly looked up at him as his eyes blazed, and he snarled viciously!!

I slowly began to move as I rolled onto my side, and, just as my face cleared the water, I gasped in agony as my muscles seized, my black eyes suddenly glowing as they turned bright cobalt blue! A searing wave of pain then forced me onto my back as I tried to scream, but only a gasp emerged!!

The heat raced through my veins as I felt the enzymes in Will’s saliva bind with my blood. The heat abruptly ceased as I went limp, but managed to lift my left hand out of the water to look at it, watching as my knuckles swelled and cracked with horrible sounds; my human fingernails all splitting and falling off as bloody ivory talons pushed out of the ends of my fingers!!!

I gasped again as the pain hit like a truck, jerking my head sideways as my skin swiftly turned black, then I bared my teeth as they slowly lengthened into vicious fangs; my skull cracking and snapping horribly as it reshaped alongside my entire body, before I managed to roll over, and lift myself slightly with my forearms; my back broadening swiftly as herculean muscles swelled and rippled beneath the thickening flesh!!

A bloodcurdling snarl escaped me as the last of the changes occurred with a snap, and Will watched a new beast slowly lift himself from the waters of Fever Swamp.

The black flesh glistened like oil beneath the cold light of the full moon, as my eyes glowed like twin gas jets!! Marc was walking toward Will, but upon hearing a low, bloodcurdling snarl, spun to come face-to-face with an ‘Underworld’ second-generation Lycan!!!

My fangs glistened as I snarled viciously while staring down my enemy! Marc’s face twisted in rage, but before he could lift his weapon, he was flying ten feet back through the air after I’d double-punched him, slamming into the ground just as Will leapt and pinned him, slashing at the man savagely as he screamed in agony!!

One final swipe tore Marc’s throat out, before I grabbed my enemy’s corpse, alongside Judas, effortlessly hauling them both into the woods until I could throw them both down the slimy bog at the centre of the swamp.

Turning back, I raced toward the house, before leaping twelve feet and diving straight into the lake; the water boiling crimson as I washed away the blood of my enemies with a good swim!

Emerging a few minutes later, I shook off, as Will tossed me a towel, then he and I headed back up to the cabin, and after turning back, helped each other prepare a good hearty meal, before going for a swim, then crashing for an hour.

I woke up before my friend, and headed out, stopping at the lake edge, and glancing up at the moon. Grinning, I howled, as the change overtook me, in a similar fashion to my first transformation, only now the pain was easily bearable, and my deep, bloodcurdling howl woke Will from a sound sleep.

Seeing the moonlight shining into his window, he grinned; his eyes glowing as his molars slowly lengthened!!

Rolling out of bed, Will crouched on all fours as he let the curse overtake him, then raced through the darkened house with a growl, and out the open back door, before throwing back his head to howl exuberantly!! Catching my scent, Will grinned, racing into the forest.

As my scent strengthened in his nostrils, Will reminisced about the battle with our greatest enemy, and about how we both could now cherish freedom forever. Will howled again, and whined eagerly upon hearing my responding howl somewhere in the distance.

Soon, the Fever Swamp Wolves would reunite and roam in freedom, cherishing the power of the gift of the moon.

And also the blood of brotherhood.
Lycanthrope- Blood of Brotherhood
Another great werewolf story, inspired by both ‘Underworld’ and ‘The Werewolf of Fever Swamp’.

Hope y’all enjoy it!! 8-)
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Drake-Starfire's Profile Picture
Charlie Lucas
My name is Charlie, and I've been a fan of Deviant art for quite some time. I hope to explore all that is offered here, and hopefully meet some deviants in person(wouldn't that be nice!) I must say deviant art rocks, and I hope to find its full potential in the future!

Cheers! Charlie Lucas(a.k.a Drake Starfire, somewhat similar to Drake from 'Dragonheart: A New Beginning')

If I had the chance to become any kind of creature, I'd be either a griffin, or a dragon, and choose either Draco, from 'Dragonheart', or Drago, from 'Dragonheart 3: The Sorcerer's Curse'.

I would (naturally) possess vast healing abilities stemming from my heart, and also have the ability of 'shadow-jumping', a special form of teleportation, seen in DH3: The Sorcerer's Curse.
I would also have mental shields so strong that they can only be breached if I was severely hurt, or killed.

I would possess hydrokinesis, or mental control over water, terrakinesis, which is mental control over earth, and magnokinesis, mental control over magnetism.

My scales would be diamond-hard.

I could communicate both verbally and telepathically; the power being exactly like Peter Petrelli's on 'Heroes' (psychic static, thought-pushing, sending, and receiving).

Current Residence: Home(Winnipeg, Manitoba)
deviantWEAR sizing preference: 28
Print preference: Elegant handwriting
Favourite genre of music: Rock, heavy metal/groove metal, jazz, movie scores, epic instrumentals
Favourite photographer: Robert Bateman
Favourite style of art: Realism
Operating System: MacBook Air
MP3 player of choice: iPhone 6
Shell of choice: Scallop
Wallpaper of choice: Dragon art
Skin of choice: Dragon scales
Favourite cartoon character: Wile E. Coyote, Marshall & Chase from Paw Patrol
Personal Quote: When you live your passions, limitations don't matter!

Favourite ice cream flavours:

Cookies n' cream
Chocolate marble
Rocky Road
Mocha Almond Fudge

Some things about me:

My name is Charlie Lucas (aka "Chuck").
My favourite foods are pizza, seafood, dragonfruit, honeydew, McIntosh, Gala, & Granny Smith apples, Toblerone chocolate, red velvet cake, black forest cake, Guylian seashell chocolates, Hershey kisses, and sushi.
My birthday falls exactly one week before Christmas.
I have hiked B.C.'s West Coast Trail, been all over western Canada, and have visited the United States.
I love the outdoors, sports, and martial arts.
My favourite restaurants are Montana's BBQ & Bar in Winnipeg, and the Foxtail Cafe in Onanole.
I am hoping to learn how to snowboard.
I'm also hoping to learn to play the bass guitar(specifically, either the Aria Pro II SB R60, owned and played by the late, legendary Cliff Burton of Metallica, or the Epiphone Jack Casady Signature).

I hope to learn how to use either nunchucks (Michelangelo), a manriki-gusari chain weapon, also wielded by him in place of the nunchucks, seen here:…

, or sai daggers (Raphael).

I LOVE B.C., and would leave Manitoba to live there in a heartbeat.
I LOVE Dragonheart, the 2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, and the 2016 remake of Pete's Dragon.
I am hoping to learn woodcarving (having been inspired by Robert Redford's character Mr. Meacham, from the 2016 Pete's Dragon remake), and maybe turn it into a career.
I am an avid practitioner of resistance training.
I have owned a variety of pets:

a black goldfish named Zoe.
a blue budgie named Joe.
Four dogs: Two purebred blue heelers, Jack and Spook, a purebred black Lab named Cuba, three ferrets: a white one named Carlos, and two sable ferrets, Rocky and Tony.

I owned a Lab/Shepherd cross named Jake. He passed away Tuesday, December 5th, 2017, aged 14 years. :'(

My family recently acquired a blue heeler puppy named Spook (Saturday, June 17, 2017).

I have cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus(excess fluid buildup in the brain), which prompted doctors to give me a shunt at birth, which is a plastic tube put in my brain to drain fluid and relieve the pressure.
My brain damage affects my short-term memory, and a theory I have is that the possible flip-side to my brain damage, is that my long-term memory is at an almost photographic level.
I am a Christian.
I love astronomy, and the constellations Draco the Dragon and Aquila the Eagle are my two favourites. :)

On an interesting note, the month of my birth, December, has 17 different birthstones:

Beryl (Aquamarine, Morganite, Bixbite, Heliodorl, & Emerald).
Lapis lazuli
Blue topaz
Cat’s eye

Here they are grouped into their timelines:


Cat's eye
Blue topaz
Brazilian agate


Lapis lazuli


Lapis lazuli

Treasures for December:

1) Cat's eye (Lucian's medallion from 'Underworld')
2) Ruby - Gandalf's ring (Narya, the Ring of Fire)
3) Sodalite (Thorin Oakenshield's Seal Ring)
4) Labradorite (Kili's rune stone)
5) Emerald - Aragorn's ring (The Ring of Barahir)
6) Amethyst (Jack Sparrow's stolen ring, aka the "Crystal Treasure" ring)

It is interesting to note that some stones, such as ruby, have both ancient and modern-day uses.

Another interesting factor to note is that garnet, the birthstone for both December and January, has several different forms:

1) Pyrope, a dark blood-red, is the most common form of the mineral.
2) Almandine is another very common form, similar to pyrope garnet.
3) Spessartite is a fiery orange or orange-red variety of garnet. It can be found in Kenya and the Umba River Valley, Tanzania.
4) Grossular garnet can be either deep golden-yellow, due to impurities, or colourless, similar to diamond, although this colourless variety is the more common of the two.
5) Andradite garnet is the most lustrous form of the mineral, with several varieties:

A) Demantoid, a green form similar to olivine, which is a deep green variety of chrysolite.

B) Topazolite, a yellow/brownish-yellow variety similar to pure chrysolite.

C) Melanite, a dark red or black variety.

D) Uvarovite, the rarest form of garnet, is a deep chrome-green that is unique due to it only existing in this single colour. It looks almost identical to bloodstone, except for having no red "blood" spots.

My favourites are labradorite, cat's eye, bloodstone, sodalite, ruby, and lapis lazuli.

Of all these gemstones, Zircon is the only one that is used as a cheap imitation of real diamond, but is said to be the closest you can get to diamond itself. Although its sparkle is suggestive of this, many perceive zircon as a cheap knockoff.

In the Book of Revelation, chapter 21, verses 19-20, several of my birthstones form part of the foundation of the city of Jerusalem, and are as follows:

Peridot (also known as chrysolite, which is also the August birthstone, is the seventh foundation stone)
Amethyst (the twelfth foundation stone)
Chalcedony (the third foundation stone)
Star Sapphire (the second foundation stone)
Topaz (the ninth foundation stone)



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Hey, bud, I just wanted to let you know that I'm going to be busy for most the day, and I'm not sure if I'll be able to get to your story. But I will as soon as I can. I hope you understand. :)

Have a good day. :)
Drake-Starfire Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2018
It’s perfectly okay, bud! :)
HSeeker16 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2018
Happy Easter, Drake! I hope you enjoy it! :D 
Drake-Starfire Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2018
Thanks so much, Isaac! :D You too, my friend!Easter Bunny Basket Static Easter Bunnytard Easter Bunnytard 
ov3 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2018  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks for the fav :D
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